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 CPPCC members said they expect the new leaders, who vary greatly in age, academic background and walk of life, will carry on the good practices of their predecessors and make the CPPCC a better platform for socialist democratic consultation.

 Small-scale disasters should be managed by local governments and the Ministry of Emergency Managements will provide support. When serious disasters occur, the ministry will be the headquarters to coordinate rescue and relief efforts, the plan said.

 She warned job seekers to be more careful, "as people without a labor relationship cannot get social insurance under the law".

 Scotland's national tourism agency, VisitScotland, says the expected growth in the number of visitors from China is likely to be driven by the young adult traveler.

 Research shows the average age of Chinese visitors to the UK is younger than the average age of visitors from other countries, with half of Chinese visitors last year aged between 25 and 44. Phocuswright, a global market research company, estimates that 60 percent of international Chinese travelers are aged between 18 and 34.

 A tinned bronze marriage mirror is one of the oldest items taken, dating back to the Tang dynasty (618-907).





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